The MINUTI software was created in 2013 by W. Sturhahn to offer traceable evaluation codes for publications in mineral physics. The MINUTI core programs are written in Fortran90 with wrappers using c-shell scripts. The GUI is implemented as Tck/Tk script and requires Tcl version 8.6 or higher to run. The MINUTI software was extensively tested over the past four years and was continuously improved to handle various data input formats and provide useful diagnosis tools for high-quality data evaluation. A graphical display option is standard with the binary versions.

MINUTI can been installed on all UNIX-like operating systems, such as MacOS, Redhat-Enterprise Linux, Fedora Linux, Ubuntu, Suse, Solaris etc. For MS-Windows like operating systems, the preferred method  to run MINUTI is the installation of a virtual environment, e.g. VirtualBox, hosting a Linux-type guest system.


Installation Guide
Installation Guide (binary)

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