The first version of the CONUSS program was created in 1988 by W. Sturhahn based on a prototype written by E. Gerdau shortly after the discovery of nuclear resonant scattering of synchrotron radiation. The CONUSS program package is written in Fortran90. It was continuously improved to handle various data input formats and provide useful diagnosis tools for high-quality data evaluation. A graphical display option was provided in 2009. A new Monte Carlo approach to find start-values, explore the parameter space, and smart parameter optimization was added in 2010. Grazing incidencence scattering geometry and simplified input files for improved user experience were added in 2015.

CONUSS supports all Mössbauer isotopes.

The CONUSS programs have been used for data evaluation in numerous publications. CONUSS has been installed on several UNIX-like operating systems: Sun's Solaris, Apple's Mac OS X, Redhat-Enterprise Linux, and Fedora Linux.



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